Ferrari rocker covers, MGB dash boards, TR6 injection air plenhum, TR4 centre console were all factory black crackle coated.

This finish looks really retro and tops off any restoration with authenticity.


  RD400 after blasting

Cylinder head after bead blasting



Machinery before and after shot blast and powder coat in manufacturer's original colour


Mitsubishi Evo 6 - underbody corrosion removal by fine abrasive blast
                                           Application of corrosion neutraliser followed by Dinitrol ML anti rust coating sprayed and injected and then a top coat of black Waxoyl.


A final heavy coat of hot Waxoyl

Mini Body Shell after Blast and Acid Etch Prime


  MK2 Escort rally car shell after fine blast and acid etch prime


Ultra fine, distortion free paint removal to classic motorcycle tank                    Steel work blasted to Swedish Standard SA2.5 on MOD equipment                                                


Rover P6 wings and doors after a fine blast and acid etch prime.             On site coating removal to tilting steel test bed for engineering company in S. Manchester



Datsun 240Z grill after very fine bead blasting                                   MGB 14in wire wheels after shotblast & powder coat


Scooter body, blasted and etch primed                                             Motorcycle frame blasted and etch primed      



Plastic Motorbike Parts given a light Sandblast prior to repainting                                                Jaguar V8 Engine Block Blast Cleaned to create an interesting Coffee Table Base



Landrover bulkhead before blasting, after blasting and then after welding & painting



Excavator sandblasted and acid etch primed on site



Triumph TR5 after fine sandblast                                                                       Then red oxide primed.     



Ford Transit tipper blasted, primed & repainted in Company colours.


The proud owner of  this very early split screen Camper Van employed our services to remove rust and paint during its restoration.                                                          


Motorbike frame blasted

















VW beetle door panel after bare metalling                                                                    Porsche 911 Aluminium Bumpers after fine abrasive Blast



 German U Boat hatch after removal of 70 years of marine crustacean



                                                                Cat bulldozer being blasted prior to repaint on site                                    MG wheels blasted and acid etch primed



Wheels blasted to bare metal




    Spitfire Bulkhead                                                          All rust & paint removed



                                       Motorbike Frame & Handle Bars

                                           Daimler Dart heater unit after very fine abrasive blast & powder coat



                        Blast-It is an agent for Hobbyweld Gas


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