Can dot laser fill the mask? How long can dot laser fill the mask?

After the dot laser, you can use the medical mask after the scab is removed. Remember not to finish the mask immediately. You must wait until the crust is finished. In addition, you should use the medical class sterile mask on the choice of the mask.

Can dot laser fill the mask? How long can dot laser fill the mask?

Can dot matrix laser mask?

Dot laser can mask the face after restoration.

Non exfoliated dot laser cosmetology will accelerate skin metabolism and require more water, so it can moisturize the face by applying medical repair mask. The general repair mask is rich in collagen, and it is also sterile, so that the skin can be replenish with water while preventing infection. It will avoid the phenomenon of water shortage at the back part of the dot matrix laser, which will lead to longer recovery time.

How long can dot laser fill the mask?

It is suggested that the mask will be better after half a month.

Fairies who love beauty must pay attention to replenishing water after dot matrix laser, because if they do not replenish water, it is easy to dry the skin and cause darkness after laser treatment. The specific way to replenishment is to use medical repair mask in half a month after dot laser treatment. This mask usually contains ceramide and other components. Ceramide is also present in the skin of our skin. Postoperative recovery is beneficial to the repair of skin and shorten the process of skin repair.

Is dot matrix laser safe

It’s safe. We must find a regular hospital and a doctor to operate.

The dot matrix laser can only act on the small part of the skin, and use the normal skin tissue around the small spot to accelerate the healing speed of the treatment site. The result is that it not only achieves the treatment purpose, but also avoids the side effects such as postoperative pigmentation caused by erbium laser or CO2 laser grinding. It is a good method for effectively treating acne scars and acne marks. It has high intelligence, strong adaptability High security.

Precautions for dot matrix laser care

  1. Avoid infection caused by water

Beauty lovers are not allowed to touch the treatment part with water within a week after finishing laser beauty treatment, mainly to prevent infection. Two days after dot matrix laser surgery, you can wipe your eyes with a sterile cotton swab to clean the dirt, but you can’t touch the treatment area, let alone touch the treatment area with water.

  1. Avoid irritating products for skin care

After dot matrix laser beauty, beauty seekers need to carefully choose skin care products to avoid whitening and. For products with degreasing and exfoliating effects, the treatment area can not be stained with water during general cleaning. Just use a cleaning cotton swab to clean the eye socket and other parts. Other irritating ingredients may cause skin allergy, redness and even inflammation. They may also cause pigmentation, redness or re formation of color spots. It is suggested that beauty lovers should use some medical products according to the doctor’s instructions after dot matrix laser treatment. In order to avoid pigmentation and other phenomena, ordinary skin care products should be used less.

  1. Strengthen sunscreen after operation

The most important point of care after dot matrix laser beauty treatment is to supplement sunscreen. After a week of dot matrix laser treatment, we all need to try our best to avoid exposure to ultraviolet rays. When you need to go out, you must cover your skin. Wearing a sun umbrella and a hat is a good choice. Three days after the dot matrix laser, you can use some natural sunscreen products. Generally, the SPF is above SPF25. It is suggested that beauty lovers use medical sunscreen and skin care products under the guidance of doctors.

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