Can dot matrix laser shrink pores? Does dot matrix laser shrink pores well

Lattice laser pore shrinking is very effective. It uses the principle of laser to achieve the effect of pore shrinking. It is a very safe and fast way to shrink pores. Let’s learn more about the principle of lattice laser pore shrinking.

Can dot matrix laser shrink pores? Does dot matrix laser shrink pores well

Can dot matrix laser shrink pores

Dot matrix laser can shrink pores.

Dot matrix laser is a new laser beauty technology. The principle of dot matrix laser to reduce pores and improve pore bulkiness is “focal photothermal effect”. Skin tissue has the ability of wound self-healing. When the skin is damaged by trauma, the skin can heal and repair itself. When the wound area is too large, the result of repair is scars. When the wound is very small, the skin can fully recover. Lattice laser is a new type of laser used for burning, vaporization and solidification of human tissue. It is mainly used for local and overall skin change, repair photoaging skin, and improve the phenomena of uneven skin color, large pores, rough skin and loose skin.

What is the effect of dot matrix laser pore shrinkage

The effect is good.

Some people’s coarse pores are caused by the relaxation and aging of the skin, while the dot matrix laser can use the thermal effect of the laser to slightly damage the original skin tissue and promote the formation of new collagen in the skin tissue. In other words, as long as the dot matrix laser beauty can treat the parts with large pores, new cells can be generated to replace the aging cells, so as to achieve the effect of shrinking small pores.

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