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Can dot matrix laser treat acne? What are the advantages of dot matrix laser in treating acne

1、 What is a lattice laser

Dot matrix laser is the latest skin beauty technology that attracts the most attention in the global skin industry. It is a minimally invasive treatment between invasive and non-invasive. The theory of lattice laser therapy, known in English as fractional photothermolysis, was first published by Dr. Rox Anderson, a laser medical expert at Harvard University in 2004. Once published, it was immediately recognized by Wen Changquan, an expert all over the world and quickly applied to clinical treatment. Lattice laser entered the Chinese market in 2008 and successively invested US $1.1 million to introduce the latest service concept in Shanghai, China, and set up the first BSP platform in China, “Beauty Specialist platforms”, that is, expert beauty work platform, referred to as BSP.

Can dot matrix laser treat acne? What are the advantages of dot matrix laser in treating acne_

Dot matrix is only a laser emission mode. The dot matrix laser is equipped with a special image generator (CPG), which changes the light emission mode. The dot matrix laser can emit 50 light through the high focus mirror μ m-80 μ M, and scan these focal spots into up to 6 kinds of rectangular patterns (circle, square, rectangle, diamond, triangle and linear), which are suitable for the treatment of different parts and different skin types respectively. The image generator (CPG) disperses the originally gathered light spots into dozens to hundreds of smaller focal spots, that is, a small amount of thermal damage is separated, so that the normal tissue between thermal damage is not affected. This part of the skin can be used as a thermal diffusion area to avoid possible side effects such as thermal damage, and promote the healing process of the skin. In this way, it can reduce the heat damage of one-time treatment to the skin, ensure the effectiveness of treatment, reduce the pain of patients, and enable patients to recover daily life in a shorter time.

2、 Can dot matrix laser cure acne

Laser dot matrix can treat acne. The method of dot matrix laser treatment of acne is to irradiate with high-intensity dye laser of specific wavelength, which can quickly destroy acne propionate, effectively inhibit bacterial reproduction and eliminate its stimulation and destruction to the tissue. At the same time, the dilated capillaries shrink rapidly, and the inflammation of congestion and redness subsides rapidly, blocking the further destruction of acne to the tissue, At the same time, promote the early recovery of acne wounds and avoid irreversible pits and acne scars in the future. Some previous broad-spectrum irradiation light sources cannot provide irradiation light that completely destroys acne propionate without dangerous UV (ultraviolet) lines. The use of laser treatment of acne can take effect quickly and make inflammatory papules and nodules subside rapidly. At the same time, it can make the white head and black head at the mouth of hair follicle easy to clean and eliminate. Fine pores and reduced oil secretion make the face clean without greasy feeling. Laser treatment of acne can be irradiated by high-intensity dye laser with specific wavelength to promote the timely recovery of acne wounds and avoid acne marks.

Dot matrix laser divides each pulse laser into nearly 100 micro laser pulses, and each micro laser spot is only 75-100um. When these micro laser beams act on the skin surface, they will stimulate the growth of collagen and elastic fibers in subcutaneous dermal tissue. Fade scars and eliminate acne marks, so as to achieve the effect of removing acne marks. The dot matrix laser can only act on the small part of the skin, and use the normal skin tissue around the small spot to accelerate the healing speed of the treatment site. The result is that it not only achieves the treatment purpose, but also avoids the side effects such as postoperative pigmentation caused by erbium laser or CO2 laser grinding. It is a good method for effectively treating acne scars and acne marks. It has high intelligence, strong adaptability High security. Therefore, dot matrix laser can treat acne.

3、 What are the advantages of dot matrix laser in the treatment of acne

Surprisingly, the treatment was harmless. Dot matrix laser acne removing printing adopts a dot matrix laser system. By using the ablation effect of the laser on the tissue, micro holes with a diameter of 120-1200 microns can be made on the skin with a spacing of 500 microns. These micro holes can be closed within one day after treatment, which is difficult to see with the naked eye, and there are few seepage, bleeding and infection. Popular recommendation; Comparison before and after laser acne removal.

Personalized treatment options can be customized. Dot matrix laser acne removing printing can customize personalized treatment schemes according to individual needs. During treatment, the diameter and depth of micropores can be adjusted. Among all lasers, only the treatment range of dot matrix laser can achieve 5-100% adjustment, and a single treatment can produce remarkable curative effect.

Full wavelength power. Compared with traditional laser, dot matrix laser acne removing printing has stronger power. It can go directly to the deep dermis of human facial skin, stimulate the damaged dermis tissue to repair, make the dermis produce more collagen and rearrange, and play the effect of rejuvenation.

The skin will recover in 3-6 days. During treatment, the part directly penetrated by the laser forms a matrix of small white spots. The skin around these dots will immediately start the horizontal repair mechanism, and the epidermis will completely heal within 8 hours, so you can wash your face and take a bath. In about 3-6 days, the scab at the small white spot falls off and the skin returns to its normal appearance. The internal collagen regeneration can last up to 6 months or even 6 years.

4、 What are the methods to treat acne

Aloe quick acne removing method. According to traditional Chinese medicine, aloe has the functions of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, disinfection and antidiarrheal. It has a better effect on women’s detoxification and beauty, and has a certain effect on acne removal. Moreover, aloe has low price and high output, saving money and time. It is suggested that you can directly pick a piece of aloe vera, then clean it, gently cut a small piece, and then apply Aloe Vera solution on acne. When it is dry, you can apply it again, and you can apply it several times. Or cut some aloe vera and boil it with honey, and then wipe it on the acne.

Calendula mask dispel pox. Calendula has good anti-inflammatory, fire reducing, acne removing and printing effects, especially for the newly arisen acne. Therefore, we reserve flowers and slices of lemon, then mix it in a blender, then separate the juice from the dregs. Add pearl powder to the juice. Then apply the mask to the face. Pay attention to not touching the eyes. You can clean your face in about 20 minutes.

Traditional Chinese medicine prescription: 10 grams of pangolin (fried), 5 grams of Korean ginseng (steamed), 10 grams of saffron (roasted with wine), 15 grams of honeysuckle, 20 grams of Salvia miltiorrhiza (roasted with honey), 20 grams of wild chrysanthemum, 15 grams of Forsythia suspensa (fried), 30 grams of loquat leaves (depilated), 15 grams of Angelica dahurica and 15 grams of gentian. Pustular redness plus zedoary turmeric, seven leaves and one flower, rash itching plus Sophora flavescens, nodular cyst plus Fritillaria and saponin horn thorn. Application: clearing away heat and toxin, detumescence and purulent discharge, softening, firmness and dispersing knot. Addition and subtraction with symptoms are used for all types of acne. Take one dose of water for oral use and one dose of water for external use once a day. Internal and external combination for 30 days as a course of treatment.

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