CO2 Fractional Laser

Concept, advantages and disadvantages of lattice laser technology

Lattice laser technology is a relatively new technology. Its representative devices are CO2 laser, Er: YAG laser, erbium fiber, erbium glass and Nd: YAG laser. It only treats part of the skin in the treatment area, resulting in many small wounds or coagulative necrotic columns. Most of the surrounding skin can be completely retained without damage, so as to provide the source of skin regeneration, make the small wounds or necrotic columns repair quickly in a short time, and completely retain the barrier function of the skin. It uses laser energy to selectively heat and shrink dermal collagen, activate fibroblasts, synthesize new collagen and tighten the skin.

Advantages of lattice laser: it is between exfoliation and non exfoliation. It integrates the effectiveness of exfoliation technology and the safety of non exfoliation technology, and makes up for the gap between exfoliation and non exfoliation treatment. It can not only produce rapid and significant effects of exfoliation treatment, but also has the advantages of small side effects and rapid recovery of non exfoliation treatment, Permanent complications are rare. Its disadvantage is that it can produce scab, needs about a week of wound repair, needs multiple treatments, and has a certain incidence of pigmentation, but it is relatively small.

After the first treatment, the skin layer produces many small columnar skin injuries, and then the skin is repaired, the epidermis falls off, stimulating collagen remodeling. After the recovery, I will carry out the next dot matrix laser treatment to make up for the untreated area left over from the previous treatment, so that after repeated treatment, I can achieve the treatment effect of traditional laser skin replacement.

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