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Does dot matrix laser work

Compared with traditional laser therapy, dot matrix laser has a wider range of clinical application. It is a skin beauty technology. Is it really effective?

Does dot matrix laser work

Dot matrix laser is a minimally invasive cosmetic technology between noninvasive and invasive. The effect of one time is still visible. If the number of times is more, the effect will be more ideal. The specific effect varies from person to person.

(1) Does dot matrix laser work

  1. Acne removal

Dot matrix laser can remove acne marks without damage to the epidermis and allergy. After treatment, the acne marks on the face will begin to shrink a little, and will go down a lot in a few days, and there will be no new acne marks. Not only will the acne marks become shallow, the pores become smaller, and the skin on the face will become smooth and white. Moreover, this method is highly targeted and will not damage the skin. It can not only effectively remove acne marks, but also tender the skin and effectively improve the skin color.

  1. Principle

It is a new type of CO2 laser local treatment. It uses CO2 laser energy to penetrate the skin and stimulate the production of new collagen. It uses energy in the form of segmentation, that is, it separates a small amount of thermal damage, so that the normal tissue between thermal damage will not be affected. This part of the skin can be used as a thermal diffusion area to avoid possible side effects such as thermal damage. At the same time, it can promote the healing process of the skin, Enable patients to recover their daily life in a short time.

Generally speaking, dot matrix laser speckle removal is carried out directly on the root of the stain, and targeted treatment is carried out in combination with the separation technology in the treatment process. Therefore, the probability of rebound after treatment will be greatly reduced and has a certain effect.

To sum up, dot matrix laser is effective. If you want to achieve better results, you can do it several times.