How much is a dot matrix laser?

The price of lattice laser depends on what kind of instrument is used, domestic, imported, non stripping, stripping, and the size of the area. Therefore, the general facial dot matrix laser can remove some light spots and pits, so the instrument for selecting dot matrix laser is different. Generally, the dot matrix laser of a face can be divided into thousands according to its different instruments. Some places may use domestic instruments, which are slightly cheaper. Generally speaking, they cost thousands, because the area is also there, the time to do it and the required technology all matter. Therefore, generally speaking, it must cost more than 1000 to play with a standardized face.

How much is a dot matrix laser? It’s not certain. Why? There are different kinds of lattice lasers, including exfoliative lattice and non exfoliative lattice. Making these dot matrices all over your face costs more than 1000 yuan, which is the general cost.

In clinic, the lattice of carbon dioxide and erbium laser are exfoliative. Non stripping includes 1540 dot matrix, 1565 dot matrix or 150 dot matrix. This non stripping dot matrix and Ruby dot matrix. The types of dot matrix are different, and the machine costs are different. Some are domestic, some are imported, some are expensive and some are cheap. Therefore, the charges are different, and the exact data cannot be given.

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