Is dot matrix laser effective in removing acne marks? Is dot matrix laser effective in removing acne marks

The effect of dot matrix laser is very good. It is also a popular way to treat acne and India at present. Many people have cured their acne and India through dot matrix laser. Let’s learn more about it.

Is dot matrix laser effective in removing acne marks? Is dot matrix laser effective in removing acne marks

Is dot matrix laser acne removing printing effective

Dot matrix laser to remove acne marks is one of the most effective ways to treat acne marks at present.

Dot matrix laser to remove acne marks is not to thin the good skin, which is flush with the skin at the bottom of the pit. Instead, it stimulates the stem cells in the deep dermis (including mesenchymal stem cells in the dermis, stem cells in hair follicles, sweat glands, sebaceous glands and other appendages) to become more active and promote the regeneration of the skin. After dot matrix laser removing acne marks, fibroblasts in dermis are activated and a large number of matrix components such as collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid are synthesized. Therefore, after laser treatment, the skin continues to regenerate and gradually repair the original concave acne marks.

Is dot matrix laser effective in removing acne marks

The effect of dot matrix laser to remove acne marks is very good. You can see the obvious effect at one time.

The most effective method is to treat acne, acne scars and youth acne marks. Dot matrix laser also has the characteristics of high intelligence, strong adaptability and high safety. During this period, we should pay more attention to the cleanliness of the face and avoid infection. Then in terms of diet, eat more light food. Don’t eat spicy and stimulating food such as pigment. After it slowly recovers. It will certainly achieve the expected therapeutic purpose.

Dot matrix Laser Acne printing several times effective

Dot matrix laser treatment of facial acne and pockmarks is generally effective for the first time, and obvious results can be obtained after three consecutive treatments. For those who seek beauty with large acne marks or deep acne marks, it is recommended to treat them for more than 5 consecutive times, and the clinical effective rate can be as high as 100%.

Recovery process of dot matrix laser de pockmarking

1、 1-3 days:

The girls will have redness, swelling and exudation in the treatment area and surrounding tissues 1-3 days after laser acne removal, and may feel swelling and numbness. The redness and swelling of the treatment site will gradually subside in about 4-5 days.

2、 7-14 days:

7-14 days after the operation of laser acne removal, the scab of facial trauma will gradually fall off, which is a sign of wound healing. At this time, those who seek beauty must not peel off the scab by themselves.

3、 15-30 days:

In the 15-30 days after laser de acne printing, the acne printing position will gradually recover at a slow speed. The red color of a large area of a small wound will gradually fade, but the traces of laser acne removal treatment will still remain on the face. One month after the laser acne removal printing, the skin of the beauty seeker will continue to recover.

4、 31-180 days:

From the second month to the sixth month after the girls‘ Laser Acne Removal printing, it is a period of further recovery of the internal tissue of their skin. During this period, the marks of removing acne marks by laser on the skin will further subside. We need those who seek beauty to wait patiently. After the treatment of laser acne removing printing, the local skin color may be red and then pigmentation. According to individual conditions, pigmentation will gradually subside after 1-6 months.