CO2 Fractional Laser

Is the dot matrix laser effective?

Dot matrix laser is a new laser technology. Its principle is to act the laser on the skin surface to produce a small treatment area to stimulate the proliferation of its own dermal collagen fibers, so as to improve the texture and color of the skin. Dot matrix laser has been successfully used in skin rejuvenation, facial wrinkle removal, acne (including post acne scar) and superficial skin lesions. The therapeutic effect of dot matrix laser is still very significant! It has been recognized by the majority of doctors and patients!

Lattice laser is called fractional laser in English, and there are many different names in China. Among them, lattice laser or pixel laser is widely used, also known as bridge laser, bridge therapy, shuttle laser and drilling laser.

The traditional laser treatment is to produce a surface in the treatment area, while the dot matrix laser produces a dot, a very small damage, surrounded by a lot of normal skin.

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