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Precautions for dot matrix laser acne removing printing advantages of dot matrix laser acne removing printing

1、 What are the types of acne marks

  1. Black acne marks: Black acne marks are formed due to pigmentation after acne inflammation, which turns the place where acne grows into a black color and makes the skin appear dark.

Precautions for dot matrix laser acne removing printing advantages of dot matrix laser acne removing printing

  1. Proliferative scar: proliferative acne is usually determined by congenital constitution. It is the most difficult in treatment and easy to relapse. This kind of scar is just opposite to the concave scar. It is an over hypertrophic scar. It leaves obvious red protrusions where acne has grown. Its appearance is red and swollen. What’s more, it will grow up slowly due to scratching or external stimulation. It mostly occurs in some people with special physique. Because the fibroblasts in the skin dermis are too active, this kind of people overreact in the process of wound healing. As a result, the dermis is not concave, but convex after being injured due to inflammation, which turns into hypertrophic skin tissue hyperplasia.
  2. Temporary acne marks: acne inflammation causes local telangiectasia. After acne is eliminated, the blood vessels will not shrink immediately, and erythema will occur. This kind of erythema is not a scar. It will become redder when the skin temperature rises and will disappear after about half a year.
  3. Permanent acne marks: Although many pimples are cured, they will leave permanent acne marks. The most common ones are pits and nodules. If the inflammation of pimples hurts too much collagen, it will leave collapsed pits or nodules on the skin. They will not disappear slowly, and it is difficult to remove them. Warm tip: most acne marks are related to extrusion, so when acne is red, swollen and inflamed, do not squeeze with your hand. It is easy to damage the dermis and leave permanent acne marks.

2、 What are the treatment methods of acne and India

  1. Red light

Red light has the effect of anti-inflammatory and promoting repair. Therefore, illuminating red light helps to eliminate acne marks, especially red acne marks.

  1. Intense pulsed light

Intense pulsed light can destroy blood vessels and pigments, strengthen dermis and epidermis, and have therapeutic effects on acne marks of various colors.

  1. Fruit acid revitalizing

It refers to a skin beauty method that acidifies the skin with 20% – 70% high concentration fruit acid (commonly used glycolic acid), peels off the epidermis, and terminates in time at the right time. By improving microcirculation, promote skin metabolism and treat acne marks.

  1. RF

It mainly stimulates the regeneration and reorganization of dermal collagen through the thermal and biological effects of electromagnetic wave. At the same time, it can improve skin microcirculation, promote skin metabolism and treat acne and marks.

  1. Dot matrix laser

Dot matrix laser plays a therapeutic role mainly through the focal photothermal effect of laser. The key difference between dot matrix laser and ordinary laser is its focal effect. Exfoliation lattice laser can exfoliate the epidermis and optimize the reconstruction of epidermis and dermis; Non exfoliating laser does not exfoliate the epidermis, which mainly optimizes the reconstruction of dermis. Both can improve skin microcirculation, promote skin metabolism and treat acne marks.

3、 Precautions for dot matrix laser acne removing printing

Dot matrix laser acne removing printing applies a unique treatment technology, which can penetrate to the depth of the skin where Propionibacterium acne is located. The light and heat energy directly points to Propionibacterium acne, which takes effect quickly. At the same time, it stimulates a large number of hyperplasia of endogenous lymph nodes, and quickly kills Propionibacterium acne in the skin. The normal skin tissue is not damaged, so it will not leave scars. Thus, the two-way effects of acne removal and scar removal are integrated, and the effect of acne treatment is more perfect.

The 1. dot laser should be coated with 4 times of cream after the day of acne removal. Before applying the cream, it is necessary to use the facial milk without acid, soap and treatment. Wash the parts thoroughly with no foam facial milk, then dry all the water with the tissue, then apply the cream.

  1. After dot matrix laser acne removal, in order to restore the skin lines to the natural state, the repair cream must be used according to the doctor’s plan until the skin lines are long.

It should be used in combination with sunscreen and sunscreen for 3 months. It should not be used in combination with laser exfoliation for 3 months.

  1. After dot matrix laser acne removal, be careful not to use inferior cosmetics, skin changing, peeling and hormone products.
  2. Eat more foods containing vitamin C and E or take vitamin C orally. Try to eat less soy sauce, beef, pickles, shrimp, crab, wine, coffee and other irritant foods. Avoid direct sunlight when you go out.
  3. Keep a good mood, avoid excessive worry, and have enough sleep is a good helper for repair.

4、 Advantages of dot matrix laser acne removing printing

Dot matrix laser can repair acne marks from the root and return your tender, smooth and flawless skin. The dot matrix laser for removing acne marks adopts the 3D dot matrix mode, which can emit hundreds of micro beams, which are arranged into a rectangular matrix, which can fully act on the damaged skin, stimulate the growth of collagen and elastic fibers in the subcutaneous dermal tissue, repair the damaged skin layer, smooth the concave scar and remove the deep pigment, so as to achieve the effect of removing acne marks.

While removing acne marks, dot matrix laser can also shrink pores, tighten skin, improve oil secretion, prevent acne recurrence, and combine the three effects of removing acne marks, flattening acne pits, tightening and rejuvenating skin. Dot matrix laser has the following advantages:

  1. Little trauma. The dot matrix laser can emit hundreds of tiny beams arranged in a rectangular array, leaving only a small hole on the skin without bleeding or scars.
  2. Fast recovery. After dot matrix laser treatment, the skin can recover quickly, and the treatment can be carried out again every 7 ~ 15 days, which greatly improves the treatment effect. The treatment course is short and the effect is fast, which is much faster than any other method.
  3. High security. Dot matrix laser to remove acne marks, only a small part of the skin is affected by the laser every time, which can form a thermal buffer area, reduce the thermal damage of the skin and avoid burning the skin.