Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

What is 3D lattice laser?

3D lattice erbium laser (Eurostar) is a new generation of high-power erbium laser imported from Germany. It adopts VSP adjustable rectangular pulse width technology to accurately control the laser pulse width. Compared with traditional erbium laser, it has higher safety, better curative effect and shorter recovery period.

  1. Clinical indications

Scar removal

Wrinkle removing and skin firming

Acne and acne pits

Shrink pores and control oil

Remove stretch marks

  1. Principle: Aiming at scars, acne pits, coarse pores and fine lines around the eyes, 3D lattice erbium laser can remove abnormal tissue and rough epidermis through tissue vaporization; Through moderate controlled photothermal injury, dermal collagen can be regenerated and remolded.
  2. Treatment process: lidocaine cream is used for external anesthesia, and the pain is not obvious. According to different parts, the treatment time generally ranges from 2 to 10 minutes. After treatment, you can go home without affecting your work and life.
  3. Postoperative care: after treatment, there will be a burning sensation in the local area, and local ice compress can be used to reduce discomfort. Some people will scab on the treatment site. Use the spray to promote skin regeneration for about 5-7 days. Stop using the spray after the scab is naturally removed. Avoid fishy and spicy food appropriately.

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