Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

What is a lattice laser?

Dot matrix laser is a new laser local therapy to treat some skin lesions and wrinkles.

Scope of dot matrix laser treatment: mainly used for local and overall skin change, repair photoaging skin, and improve uneven skin color, large pores, rough skin Skin relaxation and other phenomena are especially suitable for removing all kinds of scars (such as acne postoperative scars) and wrinkles, pockmarks, tattoos, color spots and color sink, as well as the treatment of all kinds of pigmented nevus, wart, acne, dermatophyte and hemangioma on any part of the body surface. Among them, non stripping dot matrix laser is very effective in the treatment of stretch marks.

Advantages of dot matrix laser: it has a variety of operating tools, and a variety of spot shapes can be set according to the shape of skin lesions. It has the advantages of high operation accuracy, short treatment time, small thermal injury, fast wound healing and no severe pain.

The skin improvement of patients generally requires 3-4 times of treatment, with an interval of 4-6 weeks.

Postoperative care of dot matrix laser: erythema and burn may last for 2 days. Scab begins 1-2 days after treatment and returns to normal in about 7 days. Postoperative ice compress can reduce erythema symptoms, epidermal growth factor can accelerate healing, and antibiotic ointment can effectively avoid infection. In order to prevent infection, before the scab falls off after operation, you can’t swim, shower, sauna, etc. to avoid the sun. After scabs fall off, it is recommended to use sunscreen above SPF30. Don’t pick scabs artificially. During the recovery period of 2-4 weeks, use some skin repair drugs. Strict sunscreen is required after operation, otherwise it is prone to the risk of pigmentation.

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