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What is the function of dot matrix laser?

  1. Treatment of acne and acne scars, surgical and traumatic scars;
  2. Removal of fine lines and dry lines around the eyes such as eyelids and crow’s feet;
  3. Effectively improve facial and frontal wrinkles, joint wrinkles and stretch marks;
  4. Treatment of pigmented lesions such as freckles and coffee spots
  5. Tighten and enhance the skin;
  6. Skin photoaging.

Contraindications of dot matrix laser:

  1. Scar constitution;
  2. Severe diabetes and hypertension;
  3. Mental patients, or those with high expectations for treatment;
  4. Active vitiligo and psoriasis, systemic lupus erythematosus;
  5. Pregnancy or lactation;
  6. Light allergy;
  7. Those who have undergone chemical exfoliation, grinding and other skin replacement;
  8. Recent use of retinoic acid drugs;
  9. Patients who are unwilling to receive sunscreen and grinding risk after operation.

Lattice laser Q & A

Q: Why is there no bleeding during dot matrix laser treatment?

A: The light spot of the lattice laser is as thin as hair, with a diameter of only 50-80um. A micropore with a diameter of 50-120um is generated on the skin. There is a small thermal coagulation area around the micropore. The temperature in this area is greater than 65 ℃, which can coagulate the blood, so there will be no bleeding.

Q: What is the better wrinkle effect of dot matrix laser

A: Dot matrix laser is more suitable for mild to moderate wrinkles, especially small wrinkles that cannot be eliminated by surgery and soft tissue filling.

Q: Is the effect of dot matrix laser obvious at that time or in the later stage?

A: At that time, the lifting effect will be obvious, mainly due to the contraction of collagen caused by thermal effect, but there will be the regeneration of collagen in the later stage. So you will find that in the later stage, the skin will be better and better, the texture will be more and more delicate, and the wrinkles will be shallower and shallower.

Q: What will happen after a normal person completes a course of dot matrix laser?

A: The facial contour will be obviously sculpted, the face will be improved and become compact, the skin will become smooth, delicate, shiny and elastic, the small wrinkles will disappear, and the deep wrinkles will obviously become shorter and shallower.

Q: Will the skin become sensitive and thin after finishing?

A: 1. The dot matrix laser acts on the skin through disorderly scanning. The diameter of the light spot is only 50-80um, which has very little damage to the epidermis. After treatment, it will regenerate collagen fibers and thicken the dermis, so it will only improve the skin and will not become thinner.

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