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What is the working principle of dot matrix laser

What is the working principle of dot matrix laser

Dot matrix laser technology is a skin beauty technology, which is a minimally invasive treatment between invasive and non-invasive. The theory of lattice laser therapy, known in English as the theory of fractional photothermolysis, was first published by Dr. Rox Anderson, a laser medical expert at Harvard University in 2004. It was immediately recognized by experts all over the world and quickly applied to clinical treatment.

What is the action principle of dot matrix laser? What are the advantages of dot matrix laser in wrinkle removal

working principle

Fractional photothermolysis theory is an extension of the traditional selective photothermolysis theory. The treatment has the advantages of short treatment time and non-invasive and significant side effects. Dot matrix laser therapy is to use laser to evenly punch tiny holes on the skin, so as to form three areas of thermal stripping, thermal coagulation and thermal effect in the skin layer. Then it causes a series of skin biochemical reactions and stimulates the skin to repair itself. Achieve the effect of firming, rejuvenating and removing color spots. Since the dot matrix laser treatment will only cover part of the skin tissue, and the newly punched holes will not overlap each other, part of the normal skin will be retained and the recovery will be accelerated. The patient can return to normal life in four to five days. The treatment itself is relatively safe and can treat any part of the body. The indications include acne scars, fade and eliminate color spots, surgical scars, traumatic scars, scalding scars, chloasma, Civatte skin heterochromatism, wrinkles, skin relaxation and photoaging skin. These clinical applications have been used at home and abroad, and the therapeutic effect is very significant.

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